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Capcom Figure Builder Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol. 15
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This is the 15th edition of the collection figure series "Standard Model Plus" which includes the monsters that appear in "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne".


Starting with "Banbaro" and "Fulgur Anjanath", "Nargacuga", "Glavenus" and follow by "Barroth" and "Jyuratodus" all together there are 6 kinds of the lineup. In addition, the bonus figure that will be completed when you collect the bonus parts is the clear version of "Glavenus"! It is released in a blind package specification that makes you want to collect all kinds.


  • Number of types: 6 types in total + bonus parts.
  • Figure Size: Total Height: Approx. 3.9 - 5.9 inches (100 - 150 mm).
  • Specifications: Painted figure + pedestal + bonus parts.
  • (C) Capcom Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Base Size: Approx. 3.0 - 3.4 inches (75.5 - 87 mm) (Hexagon).



  • Nargacuga
  • Glavenus
  • Banbaro
  • Fulgur Anjanath
  • Barroth
  • Jyuratodus


★ By combining the included bonus parts, Glavenus (Clear Ver.) Will be completed!

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