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Beyblade Burst DB Dynamite Battle B-187 Starter Saber Valkyrie.Sh-7
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Brand Takara Tomy
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  • Series : Beyblade Burst DB
  • Release Date : 27 July 2021
  • Type: Attack : Attack
  • Spin Direction : Right-Spin


Jump Re-Acceleration! Awakening Bound Layer!


Savior Valkyrie Shot-7 is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the dynamite Battle Layer System.

When you hit a strong shot, the driver will transform into the latter half of the battle to create a jump attack and accelerate it after landing. By using the rubber blade and wearing it out, new attack blades will appear and awaken the super powerful striking performance. In addition, the spring-loaded Valkyrie core makes the entire layer bounce attack, right-turning bay.

Includes the Power Custom Bay Launcher LR, equipped with a power gear unit that can be used for powerful shots. Comes with an evolution gear "V Gear" that can be attached to the Dynamite Berial (sold separately).


  • Dynamite Core - Valkyrie
    • The motif is of Valkyrie, the goddess of battle. A right-spin Dynamite Core that allows the Blade to perform a Bound Attack with its built-in spring.
  • Armor - 7
    • The 7 Armor has high Attack power due to its eccentric center of gravity. It also features high mobility due to its aerodynamic shape.
  • Blade - Savior
    • A right-spin Attack Type Blade that uses a rubber blade to repel the opponent. When worn down, the Blade is awakened, unleashing a powerful increase in Attack performance.
  • Performance Tip - Shot
    • When a strong launch is performed, Shot can automatically activate and jump during the latter half of a battle, allowing vertical attacks. Shot is an Attack Type Driver with an integrated Disc that can increase its Attack power after activation. Shot can support both the High and Low Modes of a Dynamite Battle Layer.
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