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Bandai Vital Bracelet VBM Card Set Vol.01 Kamen Rider Zero-one Side: Zea & Side: Ark Pre-Order ETA December.2021
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The "VBM Card" series is an interlocking item that expands the play of "Vital Bracelet Character".

By linking the "VBM Card" to the " Vital Bracelet Character", you can unlock new areas and expand the types of Kamen Rider that can be nurtured.


This is a set of 2 Dim cards containing the evolution line centered on riders mainly related to the satellite Zea that appears in "Kamen Rider Zero One" and contains evolution lines centered on riders related to satellite arc.


* "VBM Card" is not guaranteed to be linked with "Vital Bracelet Digital Monster" and "Vital Bracelet DigiVice -V-".

* The app "Vital Bracelet Lab" is not supported.

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What's in the box
  • VBM Card Kamen Rider Zero One SIDE: Zea
  • VBM Card Kamen Rider Zero One SIDE: Ark