3DS Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (Used)
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  • Genre : RPG
  • Release Date : 11 Aug 2013
  • Region : US
  • Voice : English
  • Subtitle : English


The Year of Luigi is going strong, and that means Luigi is getting some Nintendo-love, in the form of much more important roles in game releases! As the fourth in the RPG Mario & Luigi games, Dream Team focuses on a 3D, top-down, overworld - located on Pi'illo Island! Rescue the Pi'illo natives, as you fight side-by-side as the dynamic brotherly duo! Enter Luigi's dreams into the Dream World, a 2D side-scrolling environment, where you will have to meet up with 'Dreamy Luigi'! With a full set of moves, such as Hammer and Luiginary Attacks, Mario will fight all battles with Luigi's dream form.

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