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Switch Air Missions: HIND [AS Eng/Chi/Jpn]
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"Air Missions: HIND" is an air conditioner bat flight simulator based on the "Mi-24" multi-purpose attack helicopter. Become a pilot of the Mi-24 flight and carry out various missions in 6 areas, such as attack, support, transportation, and rescue! ・6 aircraft including Mi-24 can be operated. Many weapons are available, including machine guns, machine guns, anti-tank missiles, and unguided rockets! Customize your armament to match your mission and take advantage of your mission. -For piloting, novice mode, which is easy for beginners to operate, casual mode, and pilot mode, which allows you to experience more realistic piloting, can be selected. Also, by using the optional gyro setting, you can tilt the Joy-Con(TM)(R) to control the traveling direction and tilt of the aircraft, and enjoy a more realistic play experience! ・You can perform team battles and cooperative missions with up to 4 people in 4 game modes in single play and multiplayer! Enjoy missions anytime, anywhere!

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