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Tamagotchi Smart - Mint Blue
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What's the next generation of Tamagotchi? Tamagotchi Smart!


This new Tamagotchi device takes the form of a smartwatch and can be worn. Just like prior Tamagotchi, the Smart allows you to care for and raise a Tamagotchi. Your Tamagotchi will learn and grow based on how you interact with it, including being able to talk more and remember what you like.


Dubbed Tamagotchi Smart, the new versions have touch and voice controls as well as new characters and items. The touch functions let owners pet their character, while the voice recognition commands let them chat. Previous functions return like the pedometer, digital clocks, and easy ways to connect with a friend's device.


You can also add data on Tamagotchi and various items that can be raised by using the separately sold "Tamagotchi".





Tamagotchi, nostalgic for you

The more you take care of it, the more you will miss it!
You can have more conversations and even remember your tastes !?


Communicate with touch and microphone

Equipped with a touch LCD and a microphone, you can pet the head of Tamagotchi or call out them with voice.


   Wearable and always together!

You can enjoy the unique playstyle of wearable type in the form like a smart watch.


   Make your favorite style with "Tama Smart Card"

Tamagotchi can be raised up and Tamagotchi cards that can download various items will be released one after another in the future!


* Bandai does not sell protective sheets for LCD screens.
* The content of the play is the same for all colors.
(All items are sold separately except for the set contents included with this product.)

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