Funko POP! TV: Squid Game - Masked Worker (Soldier With Square Mask) Pre-Order ETA May.2022
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As Player 001 always says, doing something is always more fun than just watching. And now you can play Squid Game without risking your life, all thanks to Funko Pops. Based on the most watch series in Netflix, Funko has graced the Pop culture fanatics with this hot-selling series that has span popularity across the world!


Squid Game centers on down-on-his-luck gambling addict Seong Gi-hun, a.k.a. Player 456, who joins a competition with 455 other players for a chance at a cash prize big enough to not only settle all his debts, but also change his life in ways he could never have imagined. But the players soon learn that these seemingly innocent games are actually life-or-death, and only one person can walk away from the violent competition as the winner.


And no, if you're thinking that only 1 person can PREORDER this series while the rest of you start risking and fighting your life, we haven't got that far yet, but, the great news is,  Squid Game series are up for PREORDER! Now, we gonna get some ggambu and start shaping our dalgona for your challenge.


What happens when a mysterious invitation is sent to people at risk who are in dire need of money? The games begin. Enforce the game rules and keep your Squid Game collection under control with square rank Pop! Masked Manager. Collect all Squid Game Pop! figures who will be in your winner's circle? Vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall.

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