Funko Pocket POP! Keychain: Marvel Zombies - Zombie Iron Man
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What If...Bruce Banner fell from above with the help of Heimdall after getting nearly killed by Thanos as seen in Avengers: Endgame, only to be exploring a dead city of New York with literally zero inhabitants and just when he thought he saw his fellow Avengers arriving from Dr. Strange portal, he soon realized, that, this is not the Avengers that Bruce Banner is certainly hoping for as his fellow teammates are zombies!


Based of Episode Five of What If...?, the big question is shrouded by mystery as a virus infection has made the human inhabitants of Earth become flesh-eating zombies and no one (Even the Avengers) are spared! Now, you too, are infected with the likes of your favorite Avengers as Funko has launched the latest wave of What If...? Pop!s in line with the 5th episode! It's grisly, it's ghastly and most importantly, it's AVAILABLE NOW!


In the endless possibilities, venture to wonder and explore with Marvel's What If…? animated series. Collect Pocket Pop! Keychain Zombie Iron Man to complete your What If…? set. Vinyl keychain is approximately 4-inches long.

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