Rocksmith+ Real Tone Cable for PS4/PS5/PC Pre-Order ETA Year.2022
Price RM139.00
Brand Ubisoft
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The Rocksmith+ Real Tone Cable is a unique cable that enables Rocksmith+ to detect and respond to your electric guitar or bass. The cable will also allow players to plug in and record their instruments directly into their computers. The unique cable design ensures a quick release of the guitar from the gaming console to protect the player's gear.


  • Compatible with all versions of Rocksmith and allows you to plug any real guitar or bass* directly into your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, PC, or Mac.
  • 11.25ft / 3.429m length
  • Allows you to plug in and record your instrument directly from our computer at 48kHz
  • Allows for real-time, responsive guitar play with Rocksmith software
  • Unique design ensures quick release of the guitar from your game console, Windows PC, and Mac to protect your gear and hardware


*Guitar / Bass requires standard 1/4" output jack

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